Three Times Dumb

With all the logged air travel, I have developed a methodical system to make the passing of our beloved security less of a nuisance. Part of my regimen requires me to take out my needle box, as it has been the culprit to much wasted time within the sovereignty of the TSA due to its aberrant guise through the x-ray machine.

Since I have heard an infinite amount of imbecilic chaffing coming from the TSA agents serving me, one would think that nothing I hear would surprise me, and it almost never does… ‘Cept for now… As my belongings are foraged by the x-ray , I hear “BAG CHECK”.


My needle box was the subject of their interests.

•• My needle box ••

It is not expected that one without a college education will make decisions concerning the safety of our borders without consulting a higher ranking officer who is ALSO lacking erudition, so it was not a surprise when THREE officers of the air surrounded my 3″ by 4″ needle box.

•• Officer 1 ••
“Well, does it look okay to you?”

•• Officer 2 ••
“Sure. I don’t know what it is. But yea”

•• Officer 3 ••
“I’m sure its fine”

Note to the worlds nihilists: If you put a bow on it, it can pass as “fine” amidst the borders of our country.


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  1. Lazo says:


    “I’m sure it’s fine”.

    That’s great.

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