The Pen: An Insiders Look at the NEW W.M.D.s

Having logged 258 flights in 2007, I would credit myself an avid flier, or as the newly concocted security lane I frequent suggests; an expert traveler. I have expressed much concern apropos of the abortive rule of the TSA. One of my main concerns was always the lack of consistency within the TSA from one airport to another. Do I need to take off my belt? Do I need to take out my 1-quart re-sealable pouch? Do you need to see my boarding pass?

As the airport gestapo’s rehearsed monotonous monologue would infer, the TSA does need to see my boarding pass, and it usually looks like this:

My question is this:

How does a random, illegible, scrawl on my boarding pass exonerate me of being a potential flight risk?! Don’t they know I am up to no good and am on the TSA watch list?! Per usual, I needed to test my theory that ANY inked doodle on a boarding pass would gain access through security, so I made my own imprint:

I was greeted by the agent with “Been through security already have you?”. Once I was sanctioned to pass and passed the TSA mounty, I reply “NO!”


•• UPDATE ••

Within ONE HOUR of this posting, a “Blogger Bob” of the TSA EoS (Thousands Standing Around Eating Our Souls) Blog Team left a comment validating the procedures at the airport as quality control blah blah

My issues with “Blogger Bob’s” comment:

1) As an officer of the United States of America, Bob is telling me that our powerful nations ONLY safety protocol in a post-9/11 world is marked with a 15 cent pen by a minimum wage worker who is only required to have a high-school diploma.

2) I feel like the TSA can re-appropriate some funds to figure out how I can go through security without having to take off my shoes and parade the petri dish, rather than have a room full of people scouring the electronic world for online scribes blaspheming the TSA and/ or pointing out how useless they actually are.

“They” already made the shoe-bomb BOB.

“They” are not going to repeat themselves BOB.

Figure out the next potential threat BOB.

Maybe the pen really is mightier than the sword.

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2 Responses to The Pen: An Insiders Look at the NEW W.M.D.s

  1. Bob says:

    Good afternoon. The “scribbles” are actually quality control so if something is missed on a ticket, (SSSS) they know who to look for.

    The gentleman observed your ticket, noticed it was good to go, and saw no need to initial it since it appeared to already have an initial.

    If you had the (SSSS) on your ticket, the officer would have directed you to a certain lane.

    So basically, you didn’t circumvent anything. :)


    Blogger Bob
    TSA EoS Blog Team

  2. (thee) Mike B says:


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