A Passage In Passing by Graham Funke

After many varied attempts in ending the rule of my alarm clock this morning, I found this in my email inbox.


    William Holden by Graham Funke

    The TSA screener was not watching his output. He ran the conveyor belt continuously, which eventually led to a pile up of bins. The TSA agent that is responsible (or not) for retrieving empty bins notices the growing chaos and states “Hold your belt.” But the screener is too busy making the belt accelerate to notice. Several “Hold your belt” pleas follow, escalating in volume, which eventually becomes a issue fraught with aggression. The belt finally freezes. Having made her job more difficult, the bin collector stares daggers at the screener, who has now attained the inexplicable unconditional support of the supervisor (perhaps they see each other romantically). The supervisor then makes the following statement, which strictly adheres to proper English as well as the accepted MLA grammar format and Oxford dictionary: “He holded it!”

These are the people that protect our ports and borders.

For them, I call upon the wrath of The Nowhere Man.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    y’all have mad beef with the TSA

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