Private Eyes

Hands down, the go-to man for sunglasses is Benjamin Montoya. And those familiar with me know that I am a connoisseur of fine vintage designer eyewear. So it makes sense that Mr Montoya and I are friends.

I even penned an article for Vapors Magazine, which details how we met. CLICK to read:

Benjamin and his lovely wife Cindy have two stores in the Los Angeles area, the Selima Et Benjamin Optique inside the Brentwood Country Mart and City of Angels on Melrose, though the more pressing news at this moment is their new line of premium frames known as Benjamin Eyewear.

And..PAUSE…they named one of the season’s new styles after yours truly:

In gold, of course. Guns on stun, drug dealer status, and official; Forty-seven floss mode, and I’m speechless.

Do yourself a favor and cop a pair.


PRIVATE EYES – Hall & Oates

Big up to Burt Reynolds, though I’m still sore you pulled the Cazal 955s out from under me. What a difference a day makes.

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