wardrobe malFUNKtion

At the onset of the following composition, the purpose was simply to plug the polemical Kirill Was Here site, since Kirill seems to have shadowed my every move for the last two weeks, materializing in whatever city I happened to be in, both in gainful employ — he as the photog for A-Trak‘s Magic 8 Ball Tour and myself on the usual weekly circumnavigation — though perhaps it was I following him, in retrospect, as the concepts behind Inception have altered certain perspectives for The Capts. Nonetheless, I have again appeared in one of his many galleries

— captured in the rarest of moments during a brief attendance at Beyond Wonderland in Seattle WA, this late night entry the result of a hurried correspondence with the enigmatic Pasquale Rotella.

But this photo does more than condemn me as he who sips from the red Frat Boy plastique cup (mea culpa, not my typical modus operandi); it showcases a future wardrobe requirement for friends, family, and all others who fancy themselves a patrician amongst plebeians: the gold leaf jersey chemise.

And here is an alternative image, this one courtesy of Epiem, from earlier in the evening, just after completion of my set at Republiq (a stiff snap to the brim for Timothy Richie and Supreme La Rock):

Some privy to these shirts prior to this read have complained that they have seen others besides The Capts in possession; this is true, though every shirt is 1-of-1, each a monument to the fine-tuning process involved in creating style rather than fashion. Guess who?

As an example, Lil Jon‘s tech rider calls for three new white t-shirts; these were waiting for him at Apt 720 in Milwaukee.

In summation:

We will certainly make an announcement when these shirts are available, which will be followed by select number of subsequent designs, one of which can be observed below:

And if you are interested in the male model featured above, this is useful.

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