Renaissance Faire

The irony here is that I didn’t enjoy wine during two crucial periods in my life:

1) When my grandfather Jazz maintained the Upper Weise Ranch vineyard in Sonoma, which supplied grapes for Kenwood Winery.
2) When I was enrolled in Beverage Management courses in college to fulfill Hospitality requirements.

So while the vino could certainly flow during these stretches, I didn’t find myself a slave to the cork & bottle, gravitating more towards 7&7s, under the tutelage of Tony Manero and Jimmy Conway in my formative years.

For whatever reason, I’ve been finding excuses to guzzle Pinot Noir regularly, to the point where the following item makes sense, as the only thing better than drinking wine is drinking wine while on foot. Thus, enjoy this Gucci wine holder I unearthed and purchased, perfect for walking among the indentured servants. Certainly a contender for The Capts’ Amassment for 2012.

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