It’s Not Far … To Never Never Land

As my affection for anything pelagic grows, so does my need to accessorize this ravenous appetite for all things mariner related.

Since making the plunge and deciding to, one day, get a sailboat, I have adopted lifestyle changes that are specific to traditional nautical activities, such as, tacking through town, managing the relative rhythm of wind and water speed in order to maximize reaching travel, always remembering to look starboard or port when crossing the street, and of course, addressing the horizon.

Addressing the horizon is most easily done with a spyglass.

Probably a spyglass much like the one I own.

My spyglass fully extends to two and a half feet allowing for scrutinous reconnaissance of ‘ye old sea.

Another requirement while mastering the varying wind and sea conditions are a pair of non-marking, good tracking boat shoes, much like the ones provided to me by Ian Cee of Epiphany Media. Ian Cee says “step up your taste-maker game and I’ll give you flavors to taste”.

Here is a joint for you sea dwellers, or those of you who just enjoy a good soft-rock tune.

Looking Glass “Brandy (You’re a fine girl)” – 1972


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