Full Metal Jacket

As the winter solstice nears, even in southern California, we dust off our cold condition habiliment. And when it’s time to step out for an event during the wintertide, this is how Graham and I chose to do it:

•• StoneRokk wrapped in Gucci & Graham Funke in LRG ••

•• Stud Bundy, Marshall Barnes, Kevin Scott, & Danny Daze ••

•• Jackson James, Roctakon, The Gucci Don, Kevin Scott ••Shout out to…

“Tiffany” for having her boo get her a custom Gucci jacket made so that, one day, I could have it on my back.


Albie with LRG for having enough foresight to know that Graham was the guy to possess and pull off the 1 of 1 gold studded masterpiece. Next time make 2 and make sure to unify the Voltron.

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  1. DJ M.O.S. says:

    You were on some Dapper Dan shit. haha

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