Look-A-Like: Michael Stone v. “Michael Stone”

Please be aware which “Michael Stone” you are looking for.

This is a BBM convo I had with ACZ. Enjoy

acz: So I’m at this party on a boat
acz: And DJ SPLYCE is dj’ing
acz: And he introduced himself as michael stone
acz: Strange
S|R free agent: NO WAY!!
S|R free agent: Please tell me you’re lying!!
acz: I swear

This person probably would never be mistaken as Michael Stone…

dj Splyce
…But this person might be mistaken for Splyce

Mitch Taylor of “Real Genius”For your convenience, I decided to make use of the tools accessible to me and do some investigating on other “Michael Stone’s” and list them here.

• Michael Stone (born 2 April 1955) is a loyalist paramilitary criminal from the Braniel estate in east Belfast, Northern Ireland. He is currently on trial for attempted murder after illegally entering the parliament buildings at Stormont while armed.

• Michael Patrick William Stone (June 2, 1925 – May 18, 1995) was a U.S. business executive and federal government administrator. He served as the United States Secretary of the Army between 1989 and 1993. But this guy is dead, so he is probably not doing too much djing.

• Michael Stone (financier) is a businessman listed as 507th wealthiest Briton in the Sunday Times “Rich List 2005” based on his shareholdings with the Man Group (how appropriate). He is no longer listed as a shareholder in the Man Group, yet is still regarded as one of the architects of its success.

• Michael Ahmed Stone (born February 13, 1978 in Southfield, Michigan) is an American football safety who is currently a member of the New York Giants. He was originally drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in the second round (54th overall) of the 2001 NFL Draft. He played college football at Memphis.

You’re welcome.

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2 Responses to Look-A-Like: Michael Stone v. “Michael Stone”

  1. dead.serious says:

    is splyce any good

  2. Anonymous says:

    SHUUUT UPP!!! Is that guy still working the Subway sangwitchs ?!

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