Look-A-Like: DJ Spider

Since my first look-a-like was so well received, I deemed it a necessity to reveal some more that I am aware of…

This is happening…

Sam Watters of Color Me Badd v. dj Spider – Oliver Wells Nathan

For your listening pleasure:

Color Me Badd “Thinking Back” – 1992

I am not a fan of mashups, but this seemed relevant.

Color Me Badd v. Mike Jones “I Wanna Sex You Up Badd Bitch – Spider & Steve1der Edit”


Stay sexual…

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2 Responses to Look-A-Like: DJ Spider

  1. Graham Funke says:

    Why are you putting my fave “love theme” on the streets? If I didn’t own the cassette single back in 1992, I’d have thought this was an album cut!

  2. DJ Spider says:

    thanks for using my entire name.. haha..

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