You Know I’m Back … I’m Back … I’m Really Really Back

Since I have had a lack of interest or inspiration for quite some time, my blogging has been abated. Even after the death of the most significant virtuoso in the HIStory of time, I was unable to compose the prose to express myself or even have the desire to do so.

This is not another Michael Jackson post… Well, kinda.

Once gaining consciousness this morning, I went through the usual cockcrow quotidian of answering the following questions: Where am I? Where is my phone? Why do I have a twitter account? But, for once, my skitter through posts on the unusually popular site had an impact… And it was not Michael Jackson related… Well, kinda.

My man (insert your homoerotic nullifying adage here) Clinton Sparks posted the following:

    Everyday wake up & be the best you. Then everyday after that wake up & be better each day. Compete w/ urself only!

Michael Jackson was never trying to impress anyone, only competing with himself, simply because, there was no competition. Regardless of what you say or think about him, you can’t take that away from him. That lasts forever.

Live from Delux in Los Angeles 6/27/09

The above mix was recorded last night while working at Bar Delux. I think its a good representation of songs that people knew, song they might have forgotten about, and maybe some songs they knew nothing about.

I was drunk.

I was emotional.

I do not get emotional.

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2 Responses to You Know I’m Back … I’m Back … I’m Really Really Back

  1. DJ M.O.S. says:

    That was dope!!!

  2. Celeste says:

    bout time.

    first original MJ post I've read since TMZ announced he died.

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