Yes … I Did … Again

Just when I thought I’d heard enough praise for my narrative of past episodes at Coco De Ville and hearing the last of Chris Santos, I get this text:

Chris Santos
Hahahahha I love the confesions of a short fat balding gay bad dj. Please post this txt. Ahhahahahha. Keep talking shit ur making me famous luver. 😉
(I am balding and a bit heavy, but he is shorter than me) Per his request, I posted his text in order to help catapult his fame so one day he can play Chris Santos as Chris Santos on Big Brother or the Bachelor or whatever.

As I was busy electing’s video of the day, I did not feel that a comprehensive reply was necessary, especially since Chris would more than likely not understand the words I was using as he displayed HERE. So I kept it short and sweet, once again hoping he would leave me alone.

I’m not interested in what you like… ObviouslyMy mistake was thinking someone with a flaccid brain would understand that my short response was a cue to end the discussion.

I was wrong.

Chris Santos
Hahhaha u are such a fag stonecock lololol.
And of course

Chris Santos
Keep writing ur blogs lil man while I’m fucking allk the girls u wish u would hv goten from becoming a dj lolol

Knowing the intellect of most of my audience exceeds the necessity to have me list grammatical and spelling errors in the messages, I’m most concerned with discerning Chris’ remarks exhibiting his obvious homosexual tendencies.

    1. Calling me “luver” – Despite his attempt to mask the homophile nature of calling another man “lover” by misspelling the word and trying to trick everyone, we all know what he REALLY meant.

    2. “Hahhaha u are such a fag stonecock lololol” – Shifting his homo-erotic energies in my direction in hopes that my possible insecurities of being perceived and a gay man would supersede his obvious affinity for anything gay. And he references my jammie.

    3. “I love the confesions of a short fat balding gay bad dj” AND “while I’m fucking allk the girls u wish u would hv goten” – Blatant hetero overcompensation to mask his insatiable hunger for man.

I am sure Chris fucks ALL the girls I wish I “would hv goten”, but I would not trade who I am to be an illiterate, meat head, womanizing, closet homo (the irony in womanizing closet homo was already explained).

I’d rather be openly gay.

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5 Responses to Yes … I Did … Again

  1. DJ PHLIPZ says:

    you’re silly.. however.. +1 for the shout out. i suggest, if you have the time to download. *kisses*

  2. Celeste says:

    this is the funniest thing I’ve read all month.

  3. Chinese Chicken says:

    StoneRokk and DJ Phlipz. You two are evil. EVIL!

    Pornhub and pornbb. How could you mention those websites???

    I do NOT have the free time, nor the stamina, to fully appreciate all they have to offer. Yet, I shall try nonetheless. I did get an extra-value sized quantity of Astroglide, the economy being such as it is. I’m going to do my part to combat “stag-flation”.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i hate everything.

  5. Anonymous says:

    this guy chris should move to the OC.. this guy makes LA look bad.. i feel he has been on sunset tan or some show like that.

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