At the height of Spring, powerful forces behind closed doors set the following in motion, regardless of our temporary Las Vegas excommunication:

Tryst is such a gorgeous venue and it is extremely easy to forget you are actually smack dead in the middle of the Strip when there’s a massive waterfall cascading down behind you.

The Capts would like to salute Tim Sheldon (far right) for dressing so well and shepherding the project…

…and Steve Goodman (center) for outfitting staff and patrons alike with The Captains of Industry hats and shirts…

…plus Jesse Waits and his gang for being bosses.

If you visit the official Tryst Blog, you can read an informative interview The Capts did just prior to playing some records or you can just sit back and enjoy this entertaining highlight video:

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  1. SBG says:

    as always, you guys ROCKED it….

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