The Stunt Wood

In 1985, I scraped wallpaper so I could spend $125 at Rip City Skates in Santa Monica CA to purchase a Powell-Peralta Sword & Skull deck.

By 1988, I had been selected by Steve “Fosty Baby” Foster for the Palisades Surf Team and actually won my first street contest. The next summer, my parents sent me to the Visalia YMCA Skateboard Camp, where my camp counselor was H-Street star Jeff Klindt, who later became a good friend of mine in San Francisco, in addition to the founder of Real Skateboards and lead singer of Jaoquina, one of my favorite bands.

My dad Alex Funke let me build a mini-ramp in my backyard.

Practice daily, plus trips to Upland Skate Park and Carlsbad Skate Park, gave me some chops when I sessioned the pool at the Pink Motel during the production of Nickelodeon’s SK8 TV, hosted by Skatemaster Tate.

As high school progressed and college ensued, there was less time for skating. When I moved back to LA in 2000, I kept in shape by skating to the Venice Pavilion along the bike path with my brother Jens.

And ever since I’ve accepted my life as DJ by profession, I’ve hardly stepped onto a board; and I miss it.

Big up to Jeff Klindt, the oldest child star. Rest in peace.

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