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While I tend to be more partial to John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg because their on-court gear was so fly, one really can’t front on the prowess of Pete Sampras, who dominated tennis through the 1990s and past Y2K.

When somebody has reached such a level of skill, their worldview often times transcends their particular field of expertise, and one can find wisdom via their words as it applies to their own existence. Please acknowledge the following Q&A answer, courtesy of Mr Sampras:

Indeed. This couldn’t even be more relevant in arguing the Serato vs. Vinyl question. We mix faster and we can access more songs, but those of us who cut our teeth carrying milk crates, well, I think we all miss the nights when we could “come in and volley.”

Post Script: When I met DJ Premier in 2006 (who had not at that time switched to Serato), we spent a good 15 minutes discussing a program similar to 1993’s Toys For Guns, aimed at removing weapons from America’s streets. Participants would relinquish their firearms and receive toys for offspring in exchange.

With the advent of Serato and the dominance of mp3s, myself and Primo decided that the proper agenda would be to exchange the 12 inch single for the mp3. That would mean instead of faking jacks and stealing a file of “Khadija” by Dirt Nation, for instance, you would need to present the actual wax in order to gain access. This would be the only way to amass a digital collection. And it would weed out the new jacks and wannabees.

But since that could never happen, here’s the file for your enjoyment:
KHADIJAH – Dirt Nation

Shout to John Parente, who funded my record-buying circa 1994.

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