Terns Nest There

In 2001, I joined the CaliKings record pool, located in Downtown Los Angeles. Here is a photo gem, staged just hours after the Karl Kani team had utilized their warehouse for fall fashion publicity shots:

Shout out to DJ AM for the referral. Shout out to Mantis for the acceptance. And a special shout out to Frank V for the support.

A lot of known DJs have been affiliated with CaliKings over the years: Vice, Echo, Lethal, Kilmore, The Baka Boyz, Kev E Kev, and many more.

Recently, three of my fave CaliKing friendlies developed a lifestyle site that caters to genuine DJ interests, and I am very honored they asked me to be involved in the launch. Courtesy of DJ Double S, Downlow, and Chief Nek, I suggest you pay a visit.

And you can find my in-depth DJ musings here:

Graham Funke interview

Big up to Javi and Frank V3 while I’m at it.

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  1. DJ Double-S says:

    I too am grateful for Calikings; I met Graham and a lot of other greate musical minds there.

    Turntablelife.com is honored to have Graham as our first interview!

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