Stunt Wood

As chronicled on the Capts’ blog plenny times before, I spent my formative years pushing a skateboard around. And this was all-encompassing…

…which meant I would scrape wallpaper all day so I could secure one of these…

…or disrupt family vacations to spend five minutes here…

…and skip out on church so we could make use of one of these…

Well, to that end, some old VHS tapes were recently unearthed. And the courteous thing to do, obviously, was to cut a quick video. All the footage was was shot around 1990 at skate spots in Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, and Pacific Palisades, CA. Some fun stuff I was jazzed to see myself:

-the Red Hot Chili Peppers Mother’s Milk tour t-shirt
-the half-finished Xpres CBS graffiti piece
-the Rip City Skates t-shirt
-the homie Wesley from Insomniac
-the “Palisades Surf Skate Team” t-shirt
-the official Powell-Peralta Bones Brigade membership hat
-the Dead Milkmen Metaphysical Graffiti tour t-shirt

Here is 3 minutes of me misusing public property from whenst I was a youngster:

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