Not only are the people that work at the airport progressive simpletons that are personally accountable for my misery, but now they are striking through the holiday weekend.

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The airport peons are complaining that their earned wages are not proportionate to the work they are doing. I ask this; How much are you supposed to be paid for doing nothing? Graham asks; How much do YOU charge to do nothing?

Can’t wait to land into LAX on Monday!!

As much as I like this and think it’s appropriate…

… Proper merit has to go to Martha Wash, who sang lead vocals on most of your favorite late-80s/early-90s Ital-house jammies, including but not limited to; the aforementioned Black Box “Strike It Up”, “Everybody Everybody” and “I Dont Know Anybody Else“, C & C Music Factory “Gonna Make You Sweat“, and Seduction “You’re My One And Only“.

Martha Wash’s corpulent appearance deemed her unmarketable, preventing her from being justly rewarded with acknowledgment for her performances late in her career despite of her fruitful success with groups like Sylvester and Two Tons O’ Fun (later renamed The Weather Girls). She successfully sued to receive proper credit and royalties as the vocalist on all of the uncredited songs. Wash’s courtroom efforts was the catalyst for the creation of legislation making vocal credits mandatory on CD’s and music videos.



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