On my birthday last week, Stonerokk took me to the 40th Annual International Sail and Power Boat Show in Long Beach, so we could peruse some of the finer sea vessels available to us, as we prepare for our voyage come the new year. We gravitated towards Beneteau as they have been building crafts since 1884. Stonerokk at the helm:

Our man Buzz gave us a tour of their fleet and invited us to join him the following week for a test cruise out of Marina Del Rey. He also detailed the finer points of the 35s5, a smaller racing sailboat whose interior was designed by Phillippe Starck. This caught my interest as one of the most appealing boats I have ever seen belongs to Phillipe Starck:

All requests from here on out must be submitted via message-in-a-bottle.

Big up to AF II and the Apache.

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