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The skateboard culture of the 1980s played a huge part in my development. At that time, it wasn’t the internationally-accepted action-sport that it is today. It was a somewhat rebellious activity, frowned upon by the upstanding members of the community and city council. Nonetheless…

We waxed the curbs and chipped the bricks and scarred the handrails.

Very few inspirational videos existed at the time, and while H-Street and Santa Cruz offered wonderful content, it was the mind of Stacy Peralta that held my attention rapt, beginning with his Bones Brigade films.

I loved a lot of the music used in the handful of movies that were produced in this era: Screaming Lord Salba, Firehose, The Faction, and Wonderful Broken Thing. But it was the stylings of Johnny Rad that helped maintain that “fun factor” in the industry–

–Just as Stonerokk and I try to inject a little quirk into the DJ world.

Here is a clip from Future Primitive; You can enjoy Johnny Rad at 2:12

Skateboard nostolgia has become “cool” these days. Pro models are reissued, the skate videos committed to DVD, everybody is OG because their parents gave them a full deck with skidplate/rails/coper/nosebone for Christmas back when. But not many fought the football players during freshman year. Got me?

And I faded the Rollerbladers on my weekends.

So here’s a real piece of skateboard nostolgia that I just unearthed from my archives, something that you can’t buy in a store tomorrow. You could only steal it from the telephone pole it was stapled to back in 1989 like I did, on Santa Monica Blvd and 14th Street after a session at McKinley.

No, I did not attend the show. I was just a youngster.

Big up to the empty pond at Douglas Park.

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  1. DIGUMSMAK says:

    Dang thanks for postin this one up!! I also remember the day I got the Animal Chin video about a week after it came out. I think I wore that VHS tape out within a month or so. Do you remember "ACTION EAST"? I guess it was the equivalent to what ZOO YORK is nowdays. Well anyway I still have the action east video somewhere. It was the first company that Mike Vallely was on. HO HO's and all!!!

  2. Chuck Turner says:

    Wow, thanks so much Graham. I stapled that flyer back in 1989. Johnny Rad is playin’ shows again. Wanna go slumming and do a gig with us ? The singer in our guitarist band is setting up a gig at the Echo (where she waitresses) serially, she sings with Mobey on those late night TV Shows . . . come on, help us out, . . .Shepard Fairy did a benifit there last Sunday, (DJ Diabetic) . . . noboby knows who Johnny Rad is cept’ skaters . . . give back to your roots. . . Johnny’s still doing commercials and acting cept 1995 was a while ago, do we gotta beg like the bud lite guy, Johnny [Rad] ?

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