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His mustache was impressive and his tight grasp of age-old briar supplied solace; I relate to MARK TWAIN (né Samuel Clemens). And he was the American wordsmith of his day, both entertaining and socially-conscious.

Chances are that most of you reading this are not familiar with his body of work, except perhaps the Cliff’s Notes you purchased in lieu of reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in middle school.

If I may tangent for a moment: The album 2112 is one of my favorite records, by far the best work by Canadian rockers, RUSH, whose concert I attended recently with my brother Jens and Rhasaan Orange.

I have seen Rush in concert on nine occasions, dating back to the years of multiple interests during high school, and obviously “Tom Sawyer” was and remains the nightly crowd-pleaser, though not one of my faves.

But upon hearing it this time ’round, I made a mental note to revisit the Mark Twain novel from which the song derives its name.

Actual text aside, the preface of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is quite possibly the most concise, well-written, and engaging single page of literature I have ever read.

I am including it below; I don’t expect all of you to get through the prose. But to those who do, I acknowledge your exquisite taste, your love of words, and your design-oriented eye.

As a bonus, enjoy a often overlooked cut from Fly By Night, the second album of Rush’s catalogue. Though hated by most diehard fans, many of whom feel Rush hit their stride post-1980, it is held in the opposite opinion by yours truly.


Big up to the Twain House in Hartford, Connecticut, and Le Studio in Morin Heights, Canada: where dreams are manufactured.

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