Pretty Tony

“Pretty Tony” was a character in the 1973 movie THE MACK, portrayed wonderfully by actor Dick Williams. Here is a snapshot from the Player’s Ball:

I became a huge fan of Dick Williams’ work during the composition of my senior thesis at the University of San Francisco, which focused on blaxploitation movies. I enjoyed him thoroughly as “Joe Creole” in SLAUGHTERS BIG RIP OFF, and a smile came to my face when I noticed him as “Slake,” a beach vendor, in THE DEEP. My man Rhasaan Orange and I crossed paths with Mr Dick Williams in 2002:

Peep game on how dapper he still dresses. And enjoy Rhasaan’s “Silkk the Shocker” smile and corduroy blazer during his “Bass Tenderoni” phase. Then acknowledge my straw lid, Cazal 607 frames, and leather down…way after the forefathers, but way before y’all.


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