Pale Rider

Some time ago, I was seated on an aeroplane next to my main man Rhasaan Orange, en route to Dallas. I was occupied with my third reading of Mario Puzo’s The Godfather, while he flipped through what appeared to be a graphic novel.

At one point, he nudged me, indicated a comic panel, and said “This dude reminds me of you.”

I can see where the observation is valid, with the physical similarities of bedroom eyes and light, longish hair, and from the standpoint of demeanor, as I am as aloof and condescending as this character, using a similar tact of colorful wording to convey my point.

At any rate, Rhasaan’s remark was duly noted.

His name is Jesus de Sade, one of many deviants in the Garth Ennis series Preacher. A resident of San Francisco, as I once was, Jesus de Sade is nothing short of a true eccentric, which I can relate to as I was chipped from the block of one Alex Funke, an eccentric in his own right.

Big up to Demi and her interest in water sports.

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