Keep An Open … Hand

I do not condone hitting women. I will repeat: I DO NOT CONDONE HITTING WOMEN, but…

… Sean Connery RULES!! For the simple fact that, despite Babs’ attempts to try to get Sean Connery to recant his statements, he stands his ground. He does not try and be apologetic about something he believes in regardless of the backlash he would receive fromt he public. The MOST AMAZING part is in the beginning when he makes you think for a moment that he might be remorseful or regretful.

Theme appropriate I think:

The Prodigy “Smack my bitch up” – 1997

The song “Smack my bitch up”, which was not well received by organizations like NOW (National Organization of Women) as well as the always-PC Beastie Boys, spawned this video which was the brainchild of music video director Jonas Akerlund. The video was a first person p.o.v. of a night out on the town. After much abuse of booze, booger sugar, and broads, the reveal at the end shows a woman not a man as the video would suggest.

In case you did not already know…


Never forget…

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  1. Allan says:

    Connery ain’t fucking around!!!

  2. How do I start a blog and own the domain?

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