Kamikaze MIKEcrophone Stone

This was a fun night…

Of course, the footage where I am on the mic at Tao Nightclub dancing ON (not IN) the dj booth was not captured. No one would believe that was the scene on Saturday night simply because: 1) I NEVER get on the mic and 2) My gogo dancing days ended in the late 90’s.

Shout out to Jermaine Dupri for pretending my opinion matters.

Shout out to InTYnational for my new cognomen: Thurston Howell the 3rd, Jr. (I think that makes me the 4th)

Shout out to the Bellagio for encouraging $100 YO bets. It was exciting when we finally hit one.

“If I ain’t livin the life, I dont know what you call it” – Don ChiChi-O

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2 Responses to Kamikaze MIKEcrophone Stone

  1. Glavas says:

    Not a bad nigh mr Stone. 10/10 for the threads

  2. Mr.1derful says:

    did u get 2 smash that?

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