It’s Christmas Time

I am still having a hard time accepting the fact that I will NEVER see Adam Goldstein EVER AGAIN.

I revisit old videos. Old pictures. Old jokes. Old stories. I think about how he’s responsible for many things in my life (and probably yours too). I dwell on the fight we had which kept us from speaking for the better part of a year.

I learned a lot from him throughout these experiences, but nothing showed me the kind of person he really was until he did this for Graham and I.

Of course he committed to this before his plane crash, but 4 weeks after the accident, he sent me an email asking if he could still be involved in the project. Not “Do you need me to do this?” or “Do I still have to do this?”. He wanted to know if he could still be a part of it. After surviving a fucking plane crash, the guy was still willing to fulfill any and all commitments, even one as menial as this… and with much excitement.

I could never ever forget this. EVER.

He was a good dude.

Not only that, he was the ONLY one who sang his line is one take.

I miss my friend and always will.

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