If I were President of the United States…

… I would not allow everyone to vote.

Voting would not be a right, but a privilege.

People would have to pre-qualify to vote.

The voter would have to answer a series of questions to asses their understanding of the candidates, their views, and what they “plan” to do, much like a drivers test. If you do not pass the pre-requisite requirements, you can’t move on to the road test.

This would limit the amount of imbeciles voting for the wrong reasons; whether it is voting for McCain because Obama is a “terrorist”, or voting for Obama just because, like your parents, he is black.

We would have a true sense of what the “people” want and hopefully be gone with the electoral college and their defective system.

God knows I would not have been surrounded by so many inane folk today when I went to vote.

If I were President of the United States, this guy would be my Vice:

•• Graham Funke dances to “Round and Round” & “Smugglers Blues” ••


Post Script:

I find it interesting that as I type this, “Obama” is not in the electronic lexicon per the red squiggles under the text, but “McCain” is.

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2 Responses to If I were President of the United States…

  1. cw says:

    you + graham = my vote

  2. DJ PHLIPZ says:

    you + graham = fags.. jk ps. thanks graham for the rockport hook up, i just got a pair of some stylin rockport hightops which are half a size too big, d’oh! anyone need a size 10?

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