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If you are not checking out Stretch Armstrong’s blog, you are doing yourself a huge disservice. If you are knowledgeable in hip-hop history, you will appreciate it. If you are not reading his chronicles of hip-hop, then get on it and learn something about something.

Stretch was instrumental in keeping hip-hop music moving throughout the 90’s via his Columbia University radio show on WKCR 89.9, which ran through ’98. He manned the decks while Bobbito the Barber held down the mic. Some say that the Stretch and Bobbito show was solely responsible for the conception of one Christopher Wallace’s rap career. Other notable artists to sojourn the airwaves were; Jay-Z with Big L (r.i.p), Nas, 50 Cent, et cetera et cetera et cetera…

I wish I still had the show tapes.

Also, Stretch was personally responsible for my first dj work in NYC, when I played his birthday party at NA. Being a New York native myself, this was a monumental moment in my life. A moment that I will never forget him for.

••Stretch and I dj’ing together at the OG Rokbox @ Tabu circa 2005-ish••
And while I am at it…

••My 17 year old brother at RokBox (same night) REALLY enjoying his life••Aside from changing lives from LA to Bed-Stuy, Mr. Armstrong, a hip-hop archivist, provided me with Funkmaster Flex’s narrative on 90’s rap. It was recorded live on NYC’s infamous HOT-97 in the summer of ’07, and if you have ever heard Flex dj in any capacity you know that this mix is riddled with the usual “bombs”, run-backs, Flex’s standard interruptions reciting personal experiences with the records being played, and a slew of other intermissions between ditties.

Here are the mixes for your listening and downloading pleasure. They have not left the car since downloading it a month ago.

90’s Throwback Mix Part 1


90’s Throwback Mix Part 2


90’s Throwback Mix Part 3


90’s Throwback Mix Part 4


Post Script-

Stretch is the DUDE today, as he was 12 years ago.

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