Great Balls Of Fire

As I have been traveling for some time now, I have not been home to blog about the contents of the bastion of boxes in my living room or inspired by much while on the move.

But, I found this sign in my grandmother’s apartment building, and thought it was questionably stimulating.

This does not seem to be good advice to me.

The cryptic message suggests that, rather than take my chances on the elevator and descend from the upper levels of the building I am in, I should take the stairs and walk INTO the fire. What is also puzzling is how calm the silhouette appears to be even when converging on the flourishing flames.

The guy below appears to be a bit smarter as well as a bit more frantic given his predicament.

Hopefully, for my grandmothers sake, my blog will change the bad advices given to the tenants of this building and raise the safety levels as I did HERE.

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