Ghost of Christmas Past

Because the hectic work schedule of the last 5 years has prohibited Stonerokk and I from getting into the Christmas Spirit the way we long to, it has been our practice to unleash upon the world one gift for everybody else to enjoy.

In 2005, in conjunction with Five, Vice, OB-One, and Cobra, we mailed holiday greeting cards to the people in our cipher:

In 2006, Power 106 gave us each an hour to play some music, off the cuff, along with the homies Vice, Echo, Fashen, Spider, Homicide, and Richard Vission. You can download my portion here:
Graham Funke live on Power 106

In 2007, Stone and I collaborated on our first mix CD, titled Trabajo, and went on a national tour sponsored by Reebok and OK! Magazine. You can download that project at our website

Now it’s 2008. And Stone and I are pleased to present The Snow Job

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