Ghost of Christmas Future

As promised, Stonerokk and I present to you The Snow Job, a first offering of many duets to come. My brother Jens Funke produced the EP, played all the instruments, and sang back-up. And Rhasaan Orange lent his poetics.

You will also enjoy appearances by Billy Bob Thorton, Cisco Adler, Shwayze, Ruby Stewart, DJ WhiteShadow, DJ Marshall Barnes, Chip Jordan, DJ Cheapshot, DJ Kev E Kev, DJ AM, DJ Vice, Lalaine, LMFAO, DJ Morty Coyle, Beardo, Dirt Nasty, and Andre Legacy.

Listen here:

Or download here:
The Snow Job

Big up to Vapors Magazine, Turntable Lab, Serato, and Danny Boy’s Daily Dose for the support.

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