Double Chin

In 1987, many a skateboarder became intrigued by this image:

The campaign, highly evident in publications like Thrasher Mag, was a lead-up to the home video release of what became the seminal skateboard film, Powell-Peralta’s The Search For Animal Chin.

I purchased my copy at Rip City Skate in Santa Monica CA. We would play the tape in anticipation of a skate session, and watch it until the kinetic energy built up to a point where we could sit still no longer.

One of my favorite portions of the film was filmed in Hawaii at a then-secret spot outside of Waikiki called Wallows.

My family vacationed on Oahu in 1988 and, much to the dismay of my parents, every free moment was spent attempting to locate the skate spot.

A conversation with the towel boy at the Kahala Hilton eventually paid off. He drew me a map, which I recently excavated from my archives:

Unfortunately, due to the frequent rain, Wallows was flooded when I finally convinced my dad to drive us there. Nonetheless, I was happy, as the theme of The Search For Animal Chin is the search for fun.

Big up to the Bones Brigade, who promoted an individualism within association, a concept I continue to embrace.

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  1. Larry says:

    Although Im not one to usually comment on topics of discussion within your blog I would like to point out that not only do I have my original copy of the VHS tape but my aqua colored Animal Chin T-Shirt as well…

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