Does A Body Good

Admittedly, SEAN PENN is the quintessential actor of our time, with the accolades to support the claim, though I feel his best work actually predates his status as such.

I find the most enjoyment in viewing him as Andrew Daulton Lee in The Falcon and the Snowman, and his turn as scumbag attorney Davey Kleinfeld in Carlito’s Way may not be his most serious work, but fun to watch nonetheless.

Penn’s next project, the Gus Van Sant film Milk, possesses the potential to trump all his previous roles.

He will portray Harvey Milk, the celebrated “Mayor of Castro Street”, an openly-gay politician, tragically murdered in San Francisco in 1978.

“If a bullet should enter my brain,
let that bullet destroy every closet door”
Harvey Milk

Big up to Gabor Szabo.

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