Dernier Cri – Five Four Clothing “Look of the Week”

Through an experiment, Look of the Week, co-captain of Five Four Clothing Andres Izquieta, has managed to showcase the fashion eye of some of pop cultures icons and up-and-coming talents, draping them in accoutrements of the Five Four-house.

Now that the experimental stages are over, Andres has called upon The Captains Of Industry to flaunt fashion-style, scribe-style, photo-style, or as we like to call it: The Lifestyle.

See the co-captains entry on The co-Captain HERE.

This picture, as well as the others posted, does not capture the magic that happened that warm August day in Downtown Los Angeles. All photos by Andres Izquieta.

Shout out to Dee, William Lifestyle, and Mikey Bowtie.

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