Fashion mogul 1956. Movie star 1959. Studio chief 1967. Movie producer 1974. Coke head 1980. Murder suspect 1983. Author 1994. Docu Subject 2002. Fire victim 2005. Ever heard of ROBERT EVANS?

I became infatuated when his book “The Kid Stays in the Picture” was published, being too young to be aware otherwise. It was available as a 4-tape audiobook, read by Evans himself in a sexy timber, and I listened to it so much that I can recite passages as if they were lyrics to a song.

I crossed paths with Mr Robert Evans in the lobby of the Chateau Marmont around 2001:

To me, Robert Evans is stylish, smart, and creative…one of the few people I truly admire. Imagine my joy when this appeared in the mail one day:

His butler arrived with an attache case. A section of the Beverly Hills Women’s Club was decorated as if it was a library. And there was champagne. So this was worth every penny I lost taking a Friday night off.

Robert Evans is an acquired taste. But try some. He has a new tome, soon to be released. Of course, an audiobook will accompany. Here’s 30 minutes, on the house:

Kid Notorious

Big up to “Vanity Fair” for feeding me while I wait.

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