Interview is another publication which I have subscribed to for many years. And this most recent issue represents a retooling of the publication, an effort to present the magazine as a physical manifestation of the high regard for the arts that is usually detailed on its pages.

I love the magazine and enjoy the overhaul.

But one of the editorial directors, Fabien Baron–who has been a force in publishing for 20 years–made a statement in the View section that irked me, especially in a time when misinformed Americans are distrusting of a presidential candidate because “He’s an Arab.”

Gayle Quinnell, who made the “Arab” statement at the Minnesota-McCain rally, is a perfect example of the dangerous notion in Fabien Baron’s worldview. In recent years, the USA has been ranked Number 18 in the world, in terms of education; we are victims of a lack of intelligence and a lack of interest in learning.

Fabien Baron from Interview:

So when a highly respected editor validates the problem by stating that magazines have replaced the book, it disheartens me, even though I agree with him wholly. Let’s keep that secret to ourselves, instead of telling the idiots in airport terminals that it’s okay to read tabloids in leu of literature. There’s a reason that the gossip rags are right up front at Hudson News.

Despite my disappointment upon opening that recent issue of Interview, I was briefly put at ease when I realized that the people we should be concerned for would never actually read a “Letter from the Editor,” as there are typically no pictures to look at, thus Fabien Baron’s statement was most likely only read by the people we DON’T need to be concerned for.

Big up to Mike McGalliard and John Holcomb of MLA partners, who make the effort to both educate our children while at the same time instill in them a respect for the arts, whether it be design, fashion, or performance.

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