Actor’s Studio: Dunkin’ Donuts

Here is a Dunkin’ Donuts commercial I appeared in around 2003 or so. It was an interesting spot to shoot because, at that time, I had not yet sampled a Dunkin’ Donuts product; it was prior to my rigorous travel schedule of recent years, where Dunkin’ Donuts is a constant theme.

Though no mention is made, the product I am hocking is a breakfast sandwich that involves eggs, swiss cheese, mushrooms, and some sort of creamy sauce on a bagel. Those that know me will attest that I possess a precise palette and items that I do not eat would be eggs, swiss cheese, mushrooms, and creamy sauce; the bagel I can handle.

I mentioned to the director that I might gag during the “bite”; he said he would probably do the same if he was forced to eat it. So I had to think fast…

There was a prop guy whose express job it was to perforate each “bite” so that the contents didn’t ooze out. I made friendly and convinced him to cut the innards in half so that the breakfast sandwich appeared wholly intact but, in reality, I consumed nothing but plain bagel on my end.

Nobody has ever accused The Capts of falling short of resourceful.

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