Actor’s Studio: Adidas

Back when I was moonlighting as a thespian (I use that term loosely), some days were spent tooling (I do not use that term loosely) around Hollywood for auditions. Castings for commercial work are a funny thing; they may or may not have anything to do with the role you will be playing.

And we’re told that the people who hire you might not know what they are looking for yet; they just know it when they see it. So I suppose that says a lot about myself in those days since I booked quite a few commercials.

On the other hand, we’re also told that if you book the job, you were probably their first choice but an alternate. And I suppose that says a lot about myself in those days too since I booked quite a few commercials.

For one audition, the casting director herded four or five of us into a room, put on some bad music, and told us to dance. Those moments can be excruciating, as you know a camera is rolling and there may be people watching you from a couch. But you do “you.”

It was for an Adidas spot that would run constantly during the NBA play-offs (I don’t recall the year) and I booked the job. If you watch the commercial below, you might ask yourself what “dancing” in the audition had to do with it. My answer would be that they were looking for people who aren’t self-conscious and embrace what they’re supposed to be doing while the cameras roll.

Also, I did not meet Anna Kournikova, the question I was asked most during this window of time, right behind “How much paper are you checking? They show this thing every commercial break.” Enjoy…

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