12 Months of The Capts – September

Obviously, The Capts lost a day in the ongoing posting of the 2012 calendar illustrations, but there was a good reason. Upon completing a joyous and celebratory New Years Eve at RokBar in Las Vegas, we decided to find our way back to Los Angeles in the early hours of the morning, pushing along the blacktop to beat the rising sun in lieu of joining the droves of revelers who would trade eight hours in traffic for a mere three at 100 mph. T’was harrowing but we made it. And some sleep in the fashion of Nosferatu was the order of the day.

But now we will compensate with a few choice words about our August artwork, which is certainly a fave since it hits so close to home for all those who spend countless hours on airplanes. Simply stated, The Capts refrain from speaking with fellow travelers on uneventful flights and that agenda would remain constant during any violent water landings; we just wouldn’t tolerate your banal conversation in the confines of a life raft. Sorry.

In fact, many of our exit row fantasies involve closing the escape hatch behind us as we make our way to safety! There’s seven billion people on this earth and surely we can do away with some!

There is plenty of hidden imagery in the August drawing and one would certainly be well-served to purchase a calendar for themselves. Just pay a visit to The Capts Online Haberdashery and have a feast!

Speaking of feasts, we now present the artwork for September, complete with Christopher Lee and some cornucopias. Enjoy…

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