12 Months of The Capts – May

So, that artwork for April really earns empathy from all those who view it — unless you work for the IRS…or the TSA…or the DOT…or any other entity that sustains itself feeding upon the misery of others. But hey, everybody has to earn, and The Capts have no doubt inflicted some level of misery themselves by playing any number of horrendous pop songs night after night…miserable to those with a little taste in music, anyway. But for the rest of you: carry on!

The image in question leaves little to be interpreted, but it should be noted that it was necessary to portray the act as “over the top” so as to NOT be misunderstood as some sort of domestic terrorist threat against the Tax Man. Just having some fun, guys! Promise! Paying my quarterly taxes is the highlight of each season!

But we now move on to lighter faire, which is the illustration for the month of May. And by the way — if you are tired of these short passages or simply cannot wait for us to reveal these drawings one day at a time, feel free to visit The Capts Online Haberdashery and purchase a 2012 calendar. The proceeds go to a good cause: beach front property in Uruguay.

Anyway…did somebody say “Max Zorin, French industrialist?”

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