12 Months of The Capts – June

And that was our MAY image, a celebration at Churchill Downs in a fashion worthy of Bond villain Max Zorin. He’s included in the artwork, by the way, but it will require Waldo-like skills of perception to locate him, and his female cohort May Day, appropriately named.

The irony here is that every year, plenty of DJs get booked in Louisville during that time of year, yet somehow The Capts get overlooked. The annual Kentucky Derby is as far from the degenerate culture of OTB as one can get and still bet the ponies, and I’d be curious to peruse results of a Gallup Poll detailing which fixtures of nightlife are familiar with the ins-and-outs of said equestrian sport. Perhaps things will change when Luck hits HBO, but in the meantime, all The Capts have are fond memories of life before the hectic schedules, spent at Hollywood Park, dividing time between the races and the Friday Night concerts, featuring the likes of Cameo and The Time.

But I digress here in exchange for an opportunity to direct your attention to The Capts Online Haberdashery where you can purchase one of the 2012 calendars for yourself.

Plus, I can now present the artwork for June, which has by far incurred the most discussion by those who have viewed the entire product. Enjoy…

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