12 Months of The Capts – August

Of those that have enjoyed the July artwork, the most common remark regards the fact that The Capts are NOT in the image. Au contraire mon frère! We grace the area along the base, each of us at one end of the long chippendale table, in the fashion of fabled CIA operative and New Orleans fixture Clay Shaw (né Clay Bertrand), whenst entertaining.

We don’t have any particular attachment to France, nor its history. I don’t even like cake really, and would much rather share the bread associated with La Fête Nationale and those behind it.

And before presenting our 8th illustration, I shall again direct your attention to The Capts Online Haberdashery where one can secure their own 2012 calendar to enjoy all year.

The Capts have so much to say about the business of airlines and the banal experience of l’aéroport, so the artwork for August tickles us pink…

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