the MONEY SHOT project

I bought a Canon 40D camera to take some proper pics but most importantly to document my life a bit. I am going to randomly post pics taken under the title “The Money Shot Project” because some might consider them to be awe-inspiring, stupefying, and/or prodigious.

Some snaps from a vacation Graham Funke and I recently took to Hawaii:

•• this defines MANcation ••

•• so does this ••

••so much “fruit”••



••the clouds dont even look real••

••floral prints are a must••

••this dude was all over the house we stayed in••

••Graham on the edge••

Hopefully, with some time, my blogs and photos will get better.

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2 Responses to the MONEY SHOT project

  1. christa says:

    it WILL take time. damn good start tho. holy shit. mancation to the max.

    doing this here will do one of two things– you will either be over it after three posts or become totally addicted to it and start to feel weird if you haven’t uploaded tons of shots on a weekly basis. trust.
    again, hell of a good start.


  2. Allan says:

    at 4.47am i find myself perving your blog only to click on a link entitled ‘The Money Shot Project’ i don’t know what i expected it to be but thanks for haunting my dreams with visions of purple genitals


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