Enjoying My Life…

I have been threatening to enjoy my life a lot more for 2008 since I realized that I have not been able to be genuinely be happy in quite some time.

Here are moment from the better days:


••The begining of the end••

••In Napa… FUN••

••@ the Getty Museo… FUN••

••PJB Esq and I… Always FUN••

••Big D quit drinking this weekend and focused his energy on getting bigger hair… FUN w/ a giant black man••

••Def have porn on in the background••

••Mocking monkeys on Gibraltar… Not going to say “it”••

••No idea but I appear to be enjoying myself••

••The outfit speaks for itself••

••PJB Esq and I – NYE 200(something) – Sweden… Did not suck••

There is MOS DEF a direct correlation between the size of my face and my happiness. I am glad I am less porcine now on the road to EYL.

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