Devil With A … Suit On

Because of my hectic work schedule, it’s rare that I get an invitation to anything, let alone an event where I need to throw on the old monkey suit. When I do, it is paramount that my outfit outlives any rumination of the event since everyone ONLY knows me in jeans and a T-shirt.

This past Monday, Graham and I descended upon a club (who’s name will not be mentioned in fear on further castigation) to celebrate Sujit Kundu’s 13th Annual 21st Birthday extravaganza, where he requested that everyone wear a suit and tie.

This is what they got.

•• GF and I – styling and profiling ••

•• DMC and I taking the obligatory “prom pic” ••
(Peep the awkward smile and fresh-to-def loafers)

•• GF and I presenting Sujit with his gift ••

And THIS is what Sujit got…

We probably should have cut a rug to this.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    perfect song to dance to in a 3 piece suit!

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