Last week, Adam 12‘s AFEX relaunched at a new & improved Gabah, make-over courtesy of Sean Patrick. Those involved also used it to celebrate my birthday, though I did most of my celebrating the next night with a cozy dinner at my brother Evan’s restaurant Rustic, and that’s another story.

Some of my closest and some of my faves showed face, some of which were captured by the illustrious Grant Shapiro and his girl’s old camera. Enjoy some shots from version 2.0–

This man has been a confidente for many moons. He is also a talented thespian and vocalist: the Marquis de Sade, pictured with moi:

This man has served both as a boy toy and a business man. He makes this face when playing Beatles Rock Band. Jens Funke calls him Steinrock:

This man set it off musically from start to finish. His knowledge of delf may be unrivaled. He is Thee Mike B and he comes from a strong stock; his father once played himself in an episode of the Sopranos:

These boys are not related. But they did experience some sibling rivalry earlier in the night when they fought over who would wear the red shirt and who would wear the black shirt. Just Jack and Rick Rude:

This man is a sentinel and a beacon and a pillar, an LA fixture and an institution. I speak truth. The homie, Andrew:

A thousand words:

Shouts to my fellow Libras and everybody who came through.

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