Belmont Stakes

If you could find a cab to take you for a decent price, there was a flurry of activity happening over at the Belmont Hotel in Dallas during Superbowl weekend. Or you could tell the “striking” cab drivers to GFY upon exiting their vehicle and pay them what you want, like The Capts did.

The reason this particular journey existed as a hard sell was because the Belmont Hotel, for all its high profile nightlife clients this time ’round, sits among the bail bond houses near the county lock-up and was a notorious stop along “prostitute row.”

And right next door, the quaint Smoke restaurant never saw so much business as DJs and nightclub owners and the like broke bread around the clock. Barbeque is their thing, and the interior resembled the living room of old friends. My old friend Matt Miera manufactured a photo for me:

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