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This was handed to DJ ROCTAKON at Tabu inside the MGM Grand. A number of things strike me funny:

1. The bimbo who had the nerve to present it.
2. That Roctakon would need help during a scorching rock set.
3. Somehow the “SB” quality would impress him.

I love Santa Barbara. My dad grew up there and still has a house, which I visit any time I drive up the coast. There’s an amazing Sunday brunch at the Biltmore Hotel. Also, their nightclub scene is growing in leaps and bounds; I support that. But Roctakon is a seasoned vet, who works a square each week: New York to Miami to Vegas to Phoenix. And that DJ from “SB” might be the best on Earth, though he showed his amateur status by:

1. Not recognizing a well-executed mix of eclectic rock songs.
2. Getting caught “out of pocket” by itching to jump on.
3. Having his girl deliver the message.

I circulated this napkin for a smile’s sake; a few DJ peers reciprocated.

DJ RISK ONE in Seattle:

DJ BENNY BLACK in Las Vegas:

Big up to those DJs who are unappreciated.

***To possibly be included in a future DJ Support Group post, please save the napkin note so that a proper scan can be made. Thanks***

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2 Responses to DJ support group

  1. Remix says:

    Damn, that's ballsy.

  2. Risko Uno says:

    I can't figure out how she knew i worked at BK. i mean, i try to keep that on the low…

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