DJ Support Group XII

T’was another night on the Moon, at the height of the Black Eyed Peas‘ popularity, though prior to exposure at any major football events. StoneRokk was at the helm…

This request arrived, promising the remainder of untold riches if the song were played.

But with all its popularity, not every DJ incorporates it into their programming, StoneRokk being of that ilk.

All was not lost, though. Being a person of the people, at times anyway, he grabbed the microphone and posed this proposition: “I have $100 for anybody with 5 good reasons I should play I Gotta Feeling.”

Those patrons that tried came up short, though this second note was the best of the lot.

Volumes could be composed in analyzing each numbered point, and subsequently debunking their validity, but we’ll settle for one per:

1) The song indeed incorporates hip-hop and house, in a loose sense, though the inclusion of “etc…” implies further genres and, as that is highly unlikely, an argument for more categories is required to qualify for the reward.
2) If a simple congratulatory exclamation were able to appease an entire ethnoreligious group, there might be less conflict in the world.
3) To describe the act of DJing as “pressing play” is tantamount to referring to the Reimann Hypothesis as “doing math.”
4) The lyrics do not promise anything, even if a song were capable of such an act, but rather implies a hope for the best, based upon the visceral emotional reaction at hand.
5) The goal of this job is to please, not ridicule, though the progeny of DJs being discussed here might be less inclined to laugh at people who love the song and be more concerned with people laughing at them for playing it.

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