DJ Support Group VIII

I woke up recently and found this note, which had been slid under my bedroom door at our Captains of Industry lair in Las Vegas:

Drunken and early-morning chicken scrawl from the world-renowned DJ Melo D! I’m not sure what got me more shook: the extension of salutation from one of the world’s best disc jockeys or the vision of what might have happened had he been able to get past my locked door!

Just kidding, Melo! Inside joke.

Back in the early 2000s, before the Las Vegas strip had beckoned me like an island of mythical sirens, I would listen to the the tail-end of “Friday Night Flavas” on my way home from DJing at Nacional on Fridays, and then catch “The Aqua Boogie Show” en route to DJ at 40 Deuce on Saturday nights. Melo-D was the selector for both shows and his programming and skills were unmatched. A few years ago, Las Vegas romanced Melo-D into a residency at Body English. And that is how our paths crossed.

What I found was this: in addition to being a member of the world-famous Beat Junkies and holding every battle DJ title ever known and existing as a regular DJ renaissance man, he is also the nicest dude around.

Big up to anybody that got their fingers dirty before the sun had even risen at the Pasadena City College swap meet, first Sunday of each month.

***To possibly be included in a future DJ Support Group post, please save the napkin note so that a proper scan can be made. Thanks***

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  1. Kevin Scott says:

    I could not agree more… Melo D. is one of the TRUE homies and one of the illest ever on the decks! However, with that said… I don't believe that Melo D wrote that note, that definitely looks like the work of Kid Saucy, just one of Melo's many mental side projects.

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